When we aspire to well-being and serenity…

When we perceive that we cannot manage to “get out” of a difficult, painful situation, to get rid of anxieties, fears; if we think we are in depression or if we feel “fragmented”, still in emotional shock, post-traumatic stress following a painful event experienced personally or by a loved one, an accident in life, a bereavement, a separation, an aggression, an attack, …
We are in psychological pain and this impacts our behavior as well as our personal and professional relationships and our relationship with the world!
We may feel the need for help to find serenity or joy in life, to find a way to consolidate ourselves and live more lightly…

Several forms of psychotherapy allow us to identify, revisit and “digest” the traumas at the origin of psychological suffering. Beyond these, MOSAIC therapy, based on neuroscience, EMDR and sensory stimulation, proposes a change of posture, in session, with an innovative method. This method is anchored on the objective of not making patients suffering through the pain associated with the trauma or the emotional state, while bringing comfort to the psychotherapist.

This protocol, which renews the accompaniment to change, focuses precisely on the potential and the solutions already present in each person, through the body’s experience. These resources can be activated by physical sensations and alternating bilateral stimulations allowing a neuronal reconsolidation.

Therapiemosaic.com is dedicated to MOSAIC therapy: training of professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, EMDR psychotherapists, ...) and supervision by Dr. Stéphanie Khalfa.

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