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My heart is no longer in a vice nor my guts crushed which is very pleasant. A simple but effective therapy without psychological torture is really extraordinary.


Audrey is 37 years old, she is in a couple and mother of three children. Her life was turned upside down the day her second child, then 27 months old, fell into a coma in hospital and went into cardiac arrest. Doctors then discovered that the baby was suffering from type 1 diabetes. That day when Audrey almost lost her child and the announcement of the disease made her fall into a post-traumatic stress disorder. That is to say that she will live in constant fear for her child, in constant vigilance and alertness, she forgets to live and to be happy. Her three children and her husband see her irritated, tense, worried, her nights are difficult and Audrey fulfills her duty as a mother, but has lost the joy and the desire to enjoy her happy family life, her peaceful life in the country. The memory of that terrible day keeps coming back, and each time it’s like a vice that grips her heart, as if everything was crushed in her stomach. After four years of this ordeal, Audrey decides to come and consult for her trauma. By chance, she came across a psychologist who used MOSAIC therapy, i.e., alternating bilateral stimulations (auditory, visual or tactile) like in EMDR therapy, to help her transform her traumatic memory. Unlike EMDR therapy, there is no exposure to this unbearable memory, no need to go through it again to get better. She already has all the resources in her brain to get better. In two sessions of MOSAIC therapy, she experienced lightness, relaxation, serenity and joy in her body. She lost the pain in her heart, found the pleasure of playing with her children, singing songs to them, telling stories, had no more nightmares, and was finally ready to prepare for her upcoming wedding with the father of her children. Life remains complicated with a diabetic child, but Audrey can now calmly approach the care of her child, and it is with the desire to fully enjoy her family life that Audrey now continues her journey.

Audrey's experience

I loved this Mosaic session which allowed me to unearth in depth a key moment of disapproval of my father that was embedded in my teenage cells in the form of a frowning face. I loved what this coaching allowed me to explore in less than 1.5 hours!

The process quickly brought me into a space of trust and safety, going down into layers that were enlightening for me and uncovering blocks little by little at my own pace. I liked the Mosaic approach with the alternating bilateral stimulation, the contribution of neuroscience and NVC.

I particularly liked the fact that the moment of acceptance of my suffering was quite brief and that I was often guided towards my resources where other therapies can make you pause for a long time on the element that triggered the injury. At the end I felt very much in touch with my capacities, with my unconditional love for my wounded parts and with my internal resources.



In just one session of MOSAIC therapy my life was transformed! My husband couldn’t believe it, I was finally calmed down… I continued the therapy and the well-being really settled in my life and I felt comfortable. Thank you!



I am amazed at the depth of analysis during my sessions with MOSAIC therapy. I have understood how I function and I resolve my daily stress. I experience joy in the sessions and in my life, it is very surprising and at the same time so natural.



The therapists

They are trained and practice the MOSAIC method.

Mosaic therapy is an innovative and global approach that allows us to work with gentleness and accuracy as close as possible to the person, with clinical improvement in a few sessions.
Thank you for this high quality training.

Aurélie, psychologist


A big thank you to Stephanie for this innovative training, experiential in the sensations in the body, practical and dynamic in a friendly spirit. An extremely enriching approach that opens up a new understanding and experience of complex trauma therapy, among others. Benevolence, humor, rigor and freedom! Learning is easy and stress-free. My sessions are lived in well-being, and this is a fundamental change for me, and the neuroscientific model allows me to have a structured and reassuring framework. Thank you again Stephanie for this revolution!

Fabrice, psychologist


MOSAIC therapy has changed my vision of therapy. Thanks to my neural model of the functioning of alternating bilateral stimulations (eye movements, tactile or auditory stimulations), I was able to conceive of no longer going through suffering, of no longer enduring in order to heal, to accompany. The creation of MOSAIC has changed my life as a psychologist and that of my patients. My vision is oriented towards the strengths, the solutions that are in each person I meet. I now only see the resources in each symptomatic manifestation, and I allow my patients to find the peace and joy that they already carry within them, without stirring up a painful past. This is an incomparable comfort for the patients who are no longer afraid of suffering during the session, but also for the therapist who is in empathy with what his client is experiencing.

Dr Stéphanie Khalfa, psychologist


MOSAIC is for me a wonderful integrative method, solutionist and contextual, allowing me to integrate my experience with ACT acceptance and commitment therapy, Mindfulness and non-violent communication, for a humanistic and efficient care towards the creative resilience of psychotrauma in children, teenagers and adults whose inner child has suffered beyond measure.

Thank you Stéphanie KHALFA and thank you to the whole MOSAIC team.

Yann, PUPH


Helping my clients better and more efficiently in therapy is the goal I share with all therapists (I hope). There is nothing worse than finding that a therapy is not working.

To help them, I have at my disposal a wide range of tools, NLP, hypnosis, ego states and MOSAIC.

I really want to meet the needs of my patients and get them back into the flow of life. So I was obviously pleasantly surprised by MOSAIC therapy.

Treating traumas (simple and complex), phobias, OCD, anxiety disorders, addictions, depression, becomes, thanks to MOSAIC, much more effective.

The therapy is more joyful, solution oriented and focused on the desired sensations.

For me, MOSAIC has really made me evolve in my accompaniments and I encourage you to train yourself as well.


Trainer, Coach and Therapist is dedicated to MOSAIC therapy: training of professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, EMDR psychotherapists, ...) and supervision by Dr. Stéphanie Khalfa.

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